We are kicking off profitable paths and proof of land stewardship internationally.

SnapLands, LLC is an environmental consulting company that partners with managers intentionally seeking strategies to maximize long term profit and healthy ecosystems. We provide and interpret rangeland data where our clients live or work. Using machine learning software, the facts from their lands can be used to generate and share landscape-scale health as well as marketable financial vehicles for scaling healthy ecosystems internationally.

SnapLands, LLC uses the most useful rangeland monitoring methods for communicating efficient short- and long-term ecological conditions and trends. These monitoring strategies have been selected by ongoing ranch management successes for many years prior to founding the company. All methods used are from first-hand experience in academic study, vetted rangeland research, as well as in collaboration with multiple academic institutions, land managers, range consultants, government agencies, and non-profits in ecological management, and ecological accounting.

Our outcomes and trends of rangelands build an on-the-ground understanding of rangelands and rangeland management today. These methods are effectively used on over a million acres of grassland, and open forest ecosystems for working landscapes.

In North America, our methods are used in rangelands from Florida, to southern Canada, to Arizona. Practitioners and endorsees of Land EKG include Ted Turner Enterprises, Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Natural Resources Conservation Services, The Savory Institute, Grasslands, LLC, Quivira Coalition, and numerous ranch managers.

Customized online reports can be immediately accessed and shared with diverse parties such as grounds crew, executors, and investors. These professional reports populate tables (such as production and ecological function), depict comparable time-lapse imagery, graphs, and field notes. The monitoring results may also be used for accuracy assessments and more robust results compared to remote sensing applications.

SnapLands monitoring provides clients the option to be certified in land health through the international Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) program. We also trained the first-ever EOV Hub and farm operation to receive the Ecological Outcome Verification Certificate. Clients at any time may choose to enroll their program into the EOV Certification for access to brands and market partners (i.e. Epic, Timberland, Applegate) for the purchase of products, goods, and services.