Your SnapLands Team

SnapLands’ founder, Ryan White, M.S., is a rangeland specialist. His vision for working landscapes comes from over 20 years of professional work in ranching, land management, grassland restoration, education, and ecological accounting projects.  His career working with ranches, farms, NGOs, and government agencies has been guided by seeking and creating real financial, ecological, and social impact. He enjoys training, working with, and learning from diverse people and operations. He is a trained carbon accountant holding a M.S. in Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting from Colorado State University. He is also a certified Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Smithsonian Scientific Illustrator, Land EKG-PRO Specialist, Accredited Field Professional, Savory Institute EOV Hub Verifier, and Native Plant Master Naturalist.  He loves bringing more value to regenerative results and expediting services towards each client’s operational objectives. Today, SnapLands is one of the most active regenerative rangeland monitoring services in the country today. 

Ryan raises four children with his wife Bethany in northern Colorado. In his spare time he enjoys visiting clients, humbly receiving lessons from his children, and honing the family zero food waste targets with more backyard livestock and garden compost.  He also enjoys painting plein air artworks of the farms, ranches, wildlife, and people he works with.

Brandon Dalton, M. S., is Director of Special Projects and Chief Operations Officer.  Brandon is intimately familiar with the realties of staffing, creating, managing, and implementing triple-bottom-line land management strategies.  He brings a hands-on international expertise in holistic management and rangeland management to every project.  His hard knocks from leading teams and agricultural businesses in New Zealand and the United States allows his practical insights to assist a diversity of cultures, rangelands, farmlands, and climates.  Brandon has created his own custom-grazing business and has worked for 13-years generating results and returns in restorative ranching and farming operations.  This includes overseeing large-scale government grazing permits, private family operations, and complex land portfolios on dry-lands and irrigated pastures with various livestock classes.  He has collectively managed hundreds of thousands of livestock and acres, including one of NZ’s largest stations on the South Island, Lee’s Valley.  He also heads a ranching internship program and various irrigation properties for Grasslands LLC.  

His cowboy wife, Brandi, two sons, and daughter, regularly engage in ranch work on the Colorado’s Western Slope.  In his spare time, Brandon enjoys his additional passion in elk hunting, trout fishing, and competitive Jiu Jitsu.

Richie Hum, M.S., is Director of Product Development, and has an extensive expertise in conservation ecology and data management. Richie bring high-level details and accuracy to our clients’ ecological monitoring, forage and plant identification, remote sensing visualization, field ground truthing, statistical analysis, and field training. His practical field and technical savvy shares how clients natural resources and biodiversity are changing due to bio/geo/chemial influences on some of the worlds most complex land operations. He is passionate about working with others to help discern the health of their ecosystem and the value services it is providing to diverse land operations.

Born and raised in Colorado, Richie is intimately connected to the mountains and plains of the Colorado Plateau. He obtained his master’s degree from Appalachian State University where he developed a fondness for the flora of the Southern Appalachians. As an avid rock climber with a penchant for large boulders, he is often found hiding within the talus fields of the Colorado alpine.

Dr. Caitlin Youngquist, is Director of Communication and Education.  Caitlin has a PhD in soil science, specializes in soil health, compost, no-till farming, and cover crops. She has experience in on-farm research, community education, mentoring, and training agriculture professionals in the United States and abroad. Caitlin is passionate about solving agricultural problems and has worked as an Extension Educator with the University of Wyoming since 2014. She has published on regenerative agriculture, soil health, no-till farming, cover crops, and community food security. Caitlin appreciates the human components of soil health and regenerative agriculture and enjoys working with land managers and soil stewards to help them implement restoration strategies and soil health practices. She is also committed to service and volunteers as a firefighter and regional director for the Wyoming Hunger Initiative. Caitlin lives in Northwest Wyoming with her husband where they run a small compost business and enjoy outdoor activities.                 

Caitlin has lead research and extension projects, taught, and published on regenerative agriculture, soil health, no-till farming and gardening, cover crops, integrating crops and livestock, compost, ancient grains, community food security, and mental health in agriculture. Years of working with multi-generational farms and ranches has helped her appreciate the human components of soil health and regenerative agriculture. She loves working with land managers and soil stewards to help them implement restoration strategies and soil health practices, on operations large and small. Her deep commitment to services in her professional and personal life, including work as a volunteer firefighter and as a regional director for the Wyoming Hunger Initiative. She lives in Northwest Wyoming with her husband where they grow a vegetables, run a small compost business, and have never ending home improvement projects. She is happiest when hunting in the mountains of Wyoming, riding her horses, or playing in the soil.

Skyler Smith, M. S., is Director of Ecological Restoration and Quality Assurance.  He graduated from Colorado State University as magna cum laude of his class with a focus in land restoration. He serves as SnapLands’ Rangeland Field Technician and Data Quality Manager. As a native Coloradan, he is passionate about conservation and land restoration of all scales. He brings both a depth and breath of scientific knowledge about the plant communities and land restoration to rangelands.

Skyler graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology and a minor in Restoration Ecology. He brings exceptional professionalism to his field work. In his down time, he is frequently backpacking in the Rocky Mountains and finding good reason to travel, go birding, and explore the outdoors.

Sylvia Hsu, M.S., has a passion for maximizing the improvements of food production and food systems at large. She is an international carbon accountant and remote sensing specialist.

Her proficiency in geological, chemical, and biological processes aid in her statistical modeling software and carbon accounting. These results are used in a variety of company strategies and management feedback reports. Sylvia also consults operations and organizations to reach their climate objectives, quantifies soil carbon stocks, carbon sequestration rates, and greenhouse gas emissions related practices.

Her Masters from Colorado State University in Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting compliments our practical monitoring feedback to managers. Her talents provide vetted methods and standards to back our client’s ecological accounting needs and claims.